«We met him at ‘New Music’ classes in Darmstadt, where I came to learn about his music, and found him to be a brilliant analyst of his own compositions.»

«Campana has broadened the possibilities of instrumental playing, especially with strings, through the use of amplification and reverb. The durability of his works is remarkable: they never tire the listener and maintains a constant tension from start to finish. «

Otto Tomek

Coordinator of the Donaueschingen Festival, coordinator of the “Muzik der Zeit” programs at Radio (Baden-Baden), head of the music section of Cologne Radio and music advisor (contemporary music section) at Universal Editions (Vienna).

«I really don’t mind saying that José Luis Campana is one of the best of his generation.»

«It is with this kind of personalities, and we are proud of them, that our institute in Darmstadt has acquired its renown among enthusiasts of music and contemporary arts.»

Friedrich Hommel

Director of the Darmstadt International Music Institute (IMD), music producer (Baden-Baden Radio) and music critic.


J. L. Campana avec Friedrich Hommel Dir. de l’Institut de Darmstadt