TitU, or «the son of the moon» is a tale for young audiences.

An initiation story, TitU reverses the rules of the genre: here there is an adult, MadU, who, through hardships and thanks to a child’s knowledge, will find the way to her freedom.

The piece uses ideas from various registers: music, sound effects, singing, sung speech, dialogue. The original language used by the protagonists is inspired by popular dialects of African and Latin American.


MadU left her village to make new friends. But those she approaches, do not speak her language and, disappointed, she wanders in the nearby forest. There, she meets a strange child who dances and sings in a ray of the moon. They don’t understand each other, nor do they understand the forest keeper, a disturbing figure who suddenly appears and violently orders them to leave his territory.

So, a singular adventure begins for MadU, at the end of which she will reinvent her life thanks to music. But for that, she will have to go through hardships, guided by “the son of the moon”, TitU, who holds the secret of dancing and singing, a language that allows all languages to be spoken, to feel like at home and to make friends everywhere. MadU will learn to go beyond her adult questions to embrace music in her heart.

On her way, she will have met a child of ancestral wisdom, a guardian haunted by the fear of the forest and a music master, the old VizcaCHa. She will also have approached a village that she believes populated by ghosts and she will listen to a frightening legend…

When she wakes up, MadU will hold the key to her existence.

Texts and materials

TitU – Version originale du conte – Download

TitU – Nouvelle version pour le théâtre 2013 – Download

TitU – Textes MadU – Download

TitU – Textes des chansons de TitU et MadU – Download

TitU – Textes pour le scènario – Download

TitU – Titres de chansons – Download

TitU – Présentation graphique de participants – Download

TitU – Fiche technique – Download

TitU – Instruments – Download

TitU – Liste de percussions – Download

TitU – Partition complète – Download